Kauai is an ideal place for viewing night skies.
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Aloha and welcome to the Stargazing Kaua`i website.
Please note that we are currently trying to locate & secure a new, suitable viewing site for our starwatch programs, & therefore will not be scheduling any programs for the next few weeks.
Please check back periodically, as we will resume our programs as soon as an excellent viewing site becomes available.

Mahalo for your patience & understanding.
Stargazing Kauai - Kauai, Hawaii
Thanks to minimal interference from city lights, Kauai is an ideal place for viewing night skies. Whether you're planning a Stargazing party, or just wish to observe our magnificent skies with a friend or two, let me be your SKYWATCH GUIDE. I'm Rozlyn Reiner, an astronomy educator, (also known as Rocket Roz), & I maintain this AstroEvents page. I'm quite familiar with our Hawaiian skies & provide exciting & informative guided sky tours. Learn your way around the night sky, as I use a powerful laser & helpful visual aides to point out stars, planets, constellations, & other celestial objects. Then gaze through the telescope and powerful binoculars to observe double stars, star clusters, distant galaxies, nebulae & other deep space phenomena. The West side of Kauai has the most consistently clear skies (Waimea, Kekaha, Polihale Beach Park), & I will host small groups at our excellent Kekaha viewing site. I am also available to meet with you at another site if viewing conditions are favorable there. For further info, please contact: roz@rozhome.com